BF&M pledges $20,000 to Bermuda to assist COVID-19 response


BF&M has pledged $20,000 to Bermuda’s COVID response efforts.

Half of the money will support a joint corporate/hospital initiative to bring in urgent personal protective equipment for community frontline carers, while the other half is going to the Coalition of Protection of Children.

BF&M has also committed support for Tomorrow’s Voices, A bermuda-based charity that assists families living with autism, by covering expenses for virtual platforms. It will allow the centre to stay in touch with individual autism spectrum disorder (ASD) families during the COVID-19 crisis and provide training and support through webinars to the broader ASD community. It has also supported Project Action to get two vans on the road to assist seniors, and covered insurance for a Salvation Army vehicle to help ministry on the streets.

BF&M is also donating $20,000 to assist Cayman in its response to COVID-19. 



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