17 June 2024   The law firm has hired a lawyer with experience in the UK and Hong Kong.

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The Wilton Re CEO has been involved with the Bermuda long term re/insurance sector since its very beginnings.
The certified public accountant and former regulator has had leadership roles with BILTIR, ABIR , Hiscox Re& ILS and the Bermuda Monetary Authority.
Argus’s associate general counsel came to insurance via a law firm and a bank, and she now aims to be a champion for change
HSCM Bermuda's chief investment officer for life insurance said the opportunities in Bermuda's life insurance sector are limitless.
Laquita Outerbridge, vice president and deputy head of corporate services, discusses how Bermuda:Re+ILS Company of the Month Artex assists its clients with corporate governance.
SLC Management discusses the potential benefits and risks of various facets of private credit, in a recent Bermuda investment roundtable discussion.
The BMA is putting ESG issues at the heart of its approach. Some of its key initiatives are detailed here by chief executive Craig Swan—as well as the reason he believes embracing ESG will make the BMA a better regulator and a better place to work.
Company of the Month Artex's Francesca Thomas explains what insurers need to do to be compliant with the Bermuda Monetary Authority's Code of Conduct.
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13 May 2024   The re/insurer is now one of the largest US life insurers.
10 May 2024   Bermuda:Re+ILS is conducting a survey on diversity, equity and inclusion.
9 May 2024   The e-mails try to get recipients to open a PDF requesting information.
9 May 2024   The company will reinsure $4.9bn worth of annuities issued by National Life Group unit.
9 May 2024   The boost to American Equity was based on its improved capital position.
7 May 2024   Bermuda-based Athora says changed market conditions led to cancellation.
3 May 2024   The Bermuda-based re/insurer upped its purchase price by 2.7%.
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