Howden Tiger merges teams to strengthen facultative reinsurance offer


Howden Tiger merges teams to strengthen facultative reinsurance offer

Howden Tiger has announced a new broking division bringing together its facultative, consortia and facilities teams with its specialty reinsurance capabilities to create a combined business. 

The new business, Howden Tiger Fac, will be led in London by its new president Gordon Craig and will bring together specialists in energy, power, construction, casualty, property, consortia and facultative facilities. Globally, the division will be chaired by Elliot Richardson, Howden Tiger vice chair and chair of international. Luigi Boglione, Marenco Scholz, Dougal Kerr, Stuart Beatty, Lewis Kirby, Sam Gardner, Akshay Reddy and Greg Curtis will make up the board.

The move follows the launch of Howden Tiger SabRE, the MGA/Programme broking

division combining specialists from Bowood, Howden’s specialist delegated binding authority division, and Howden Tiger’s Coverholder teams. According to the company, Howden Tiger Fac builds on this “integrated approach”.

“Alongside our leading treaty, analytics and capital advisory business, the creation of Howden Tiger Fac is the next stage in our buildout following the launch of Howden Tiger SabRE,” said Richardson. 

“Having aligned our Binder and MGA teams under Stephen Greener, Howden Tiger Fac assembles all our facultative, consortia and facilities expertise in one group, enabling us to support our clients and their specific requirements, and giving them the most effective access to all forms of reinsurance capital for facultative and MGA business.”

Rob Bredahl, CEO of Howden Tiger, added: “The aligned capabilities, talent and expertise of Howden Tiger Fac will make it the standout facultative reinsurance broker in the market. This combined reinsurance business will be the difference the market wants, bringing a competitive advantage to current and future clients and acting as a magnet for talent in the reinsurance market.”

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