Suzanne Tucker /
17 June 2014News

Bermuda company registrations rose 21% in Q1 2014

Figures from Bermuda’s Ministry of Finance show that international company registrations rose by 21 percent in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the year before.

Bermuda welcomed 267 new international companies during the quarter, reflecting rising business confidence, both in the global and Bermuda recovery and in the new OBA government.

This is the largest number of new incorporations since 2008 and the start of the economic crisis.

Commenting on the results, Everard Richards, Minister of Finance, says: “It is very encouraging to see that confidence in Bermuda, both as a business destination and as a global insurance centre, is going from strength to strength. The figures show that there is growth and renewed confidence in Bermuda as a place to do business.  We look forward to registering more new companies over the course of 2014.  Bermuda truly is open for business.”