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Women in Hamilton: Charlotte Kerr

Charlotte Kerr came to Bermuda to work as a chartered accountant and entered the re/insurance industry at re/insurance asset manager HSCM Bermuda. She is now manager of investor relations, treasury operations and  financial analysis at insurance-linked securities company Longtail Re.

Her nominator described her as: "A high performing emerging leader at work and with family."

Give us a snapshot of your career to date.

I began my career in Financial Services Audit with KPMG in Scotland, specializing in the audit of investment funds. I developed my skillset further when I relocated to Bermuda with KPMG in 2016 after I qualified as a chartered accountant. I decided to move into industry once I gained experience as a manager, and I accepted a role as a senior accountant at Hudson Structured Capital Management (HSCM)  Bermuda in 2019. I expanded my knowledge of asset management, specifically in the re/insurance and transportation sectors, and I held various positions, including Head of Valuations and Fund Controller – Reinsurance and Ventures. I recently moved to Longtail Re where I am responsible for investor relations, financial planning and analysis and treasury operations.
 What attracted you to re/insurance?

The re/insurance industry provides a diverse set of opportunities, both in terms of lines of business and roles available. This creates an interesting working environment where there are often new challenges which allows for continuous learning.
 Who inspired you or acted as a mentor in your career?

I have been fortunate to have had various mentors who genuinely cared about me and my career progression. In particular, my manager at HSCM always gave me the opportunity to step up and take on new roles but also provided advice and support any time I needed help.
What are your ambitions?

I am enjoying using my experience to date in my new role at Longtail Re. I am looking forward to continuing to learn, working with interesting and intelligent people, and adding to my skillset.
Do you feel the re/insurance industry has made progress in terms of diversity and inclusion since you entered it?

I think progress is being made each year, with many companies making a conscious effort to launch initiatives to try to improve diversity and inclusion. Looking forward, I hope to see an increase diversity at all levels of the business, including at the board and executive level.
Do you feel this sector is especially attuned to diversity and inclusion?

I think the sector has recognised the importance of having a diverse workforce. From my experience, I have seen steps being taken to both improve accessibility to jobs and improving flexibility within roles. This provides opportunities for people of all backgrounds to flourish.
Is there anything you would like to improve or change?

I think that increasing awareness about the reinsurance industry and the exciting positions available would attract a wider range of talented individuals, resulting in a more diverse and well-informed workforce.

Have you encountered any challenges related to diversity and inclusion?

I have been lucky to work for supportive companies, particularly as a mum with two young children.  
Would you encourage other women to consider this sector?

Yes – I think there are so many interesting and varied roles in re/insurance that I would recommend it to anyone. Flexibility is something that is very important to me and, although balance is difficult to achieve, I have found that making it a priority is key.
Why is this industry great to work in?

The industry must evolve as the world and risks change which means companies need to be dynamic. This leads to an ever-changing landscape which allows people to bring new ideas and contribute to the growth and development of the industry.

Why is Bermuda a great place to be?

Bermuda is leader in the re/insurance industry so there are many opportunities to build an exciting career. It is also a beautiful place to live!

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More on this story

5 June 2024   The Bermudian underwriter has spent her career at AXA XL Re, and is now head of the CEO’s office and a member of the Bermuda leadership team of the company.