OIL launches online accreditation course


Oil Insurance Limited (OIL) announced the launch of the Oil Technical Accreditation (OTA), the company’s first ever energy web-based interactive training and accreditation tool for energy company risk managers and their brokers.

Earning an OIL Technical Accreditation enables a new level of understanding of OIL’s rating and premium plan and the related value to members and prospective members.

According to the company’s figures, over 250 members and brokers have registered in the first few weeks following launch. The course, which takes four to six hours to complete, teaches a basic working knowledge of what OIL is as well as a technical understanding of how the OIL system works. The OTA training course leverages the latest e-learning tools, teaching through a four module multi-media web experience.

OIL CEO, Robert Stauffer commented: “in my previous role as risk manager for a large US energy group, I observed first-hand how few energy brokers actually understood the OIL program and more importantly, the true value it provided to its members in the energy industry. Today, we have the ability to leverage new learning tools to help brokers grow their knowledge and speak the ‘language’ of OIL.”

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