25 February 2021News

Argo Environmental beefs up offering with Spill Center partnership

Argo Environmental, a member of Argo Group International Holdings, is partnering with Spill Center, a provider of incident response assistance to mitigate risk.

Spill Center’s technology gives clients access to emergency incident reporting, response tools and an expert compliance team. It complements Argo Environmental’s existing insurance offerings, giving policyholders around-the-clock nationwide support and real-time incident reporting, expediting claim settlement and providing robust data insight.

Argo Environmental provides environmental liability insurance and related insurance products to a range of businesses, including those that operate in the environmental industry and those that face environmental liabilities arising from their industrial and commercial activities.

David Corry, senior vice president and head of Argo Environmental, said: “Partnerships and technology like this cement Argo Environmental as a clear leader in smart technology as we help our clients become better prepared for risk and find ways to mitigate claims together.”