13 January 2021News

RenRe launches new website as part of revamped ESG strategy

RenaissanceRe Holdings has launched a new environmental, social and governance (ESG) website that provides insights into the group’s sustainability activities.

The move is part of a renewed focus on promoting climate resilience, closing the protection gap and inducing positive societal change as the three key priorities of its ESG strategy.

The  new website provides insights into areas such as how RenRe models the impact of climate change, promotes diversity equity and inclusion and empowers its employees.

Kevin O’Donnell, the company’s president and chief executive officer, emphasised RenRe’s commitment to helping solve the world’s most complex challenges and being a positive force for change.

“This new website provides our stakeholders with a deeper understanding of our ESG activities and demonstrates our commitment to acting with integrity and upholding the highest standards of service and responsibility,” he said. “It is through these values that we build employee engagement and maintain the trust of our clients, brokers and investors.”

Ian Branagan, RenRe’s group chief risk officer and head of corporate strategy, said a commitment to good corporate citizenship has always been a central part of the company’s culture.

“The RenaissanceRe team has long sought to create value and innovation for our partners and we hope to find new ways to apply our energy and expertise to make an impact in our communities and for our fellow citizens,” he added.