Gnosis and SALT bring Microsoft Azure to Bermuda


Gnosis, a Bermudan IT company, has partnered with SALT Technology Group to launch Microsoft Azure Stack in Bermuda.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows companies to scale resources up or down with ease, and access cloud-powered disaster recovery and backup solutions. The partnership means that Microsoft Azure Cloud services will be available to companies who wish to use the most sophisticated tools to host data securely in Bermuda, from January 2020, giving Bermudian businesses access to cloud computing.

SALT, which has official authorisation from Microsoft to deploy and operate Azure Stack in Bermuda, will own and operate the Microsoft Azure Stack platform on the island. It will host a launch event in Hamilton on December 3. 

Gnosis will perform customer migration and manage ongoing operational customer support, and will begin onboarding clients starting in January 2020.

Neil Lupsic, CEO at Gnosis, said: “This cloud technology will bring a whole host of tools to companies in Bermuda, enabling greater data security and flexibility of service.”

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