30 March 2015News

BNY Mellon partners with Windward Management

BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA has entered a strategic distribution partnership with Bermuda-based company Windward Management.

The Bermuda financial market specialists will locally offer BNY Mellon Investment Management services and products.

BNY Mellon Investment Management is the world’s largest multi-boutique asset management organisation with over $1.7 trillion in assets under management.

PeterPaul Pardi, global head of distribution and chief executive officer (CEO) of BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA, said: “As an expert in the domestic financial market, Windward’s experience and capabilities will ensure we have a strong distribution partner for BNY Mellon Investment Management’s boutiques’ products and solutions within Bermuda’s institutional marketplace.

“BNY Mellon’s investment approach provides investors with unique advantages and with the appointment of Windward we now have the ability to locally promote the investment capabilities and strategies of BNY Mellon Investment Management’s 13 specialist investment boutiques.”

Terrett West, president and owner of Windward, added: “BNY Mellon Investment Management is uniquely positioned to be a core strategic distribution partner with Bermuda-based insurers with its range of investment solutions that meet local investor appetite. We expect that the diversified nature of its investment products along with their customisable nature will be attractive to Bermuda business.”

Bermuda’s Minister of Finance, Hon E T Richards, said: “BNY Mellon Investment Management strengthens our community’s financial infrastructure and we look forward to them establishing a long-lasting partnership with Windward.”