BFIS Summer intern programme looks at Bermuda’s insurers


The annual Bermuda Foundation For Insurance Studies (BFIS) Bermuda Summer Intern programme, now in its 16th year, started this week for six undergraduate students.

Over the course of three weeks, until June 9, the students will learn about the Bermuda insurance industry in depth - from how to form an insurance company to work-shadowing underwriters. The students will be visiting 30 insurance, reinsurance companies and related organisations in Hamilton over the three week programme.

This year’s Bermuda interns are Kyra Dunstan, from the University of Western Ontario, Kenneth Mayne, from the BPP Business School in London, Cara Philip, from London University SOAS, Sophia Schwertl, from the University of Western Ontario and Morgan Loy and Libby Schrishuhn, both from the Illinois State University.

The BFIS Summer Intern Programmes are open to students focused on careers in the insurance sector who are usually in either their Junior or Senior year at university, giving them the opportunity to learn about the insurance markets of either Bermuda, London, Chicago or Atlanta. Including this year’s interns, 145 Bermudian students have now participated in these very intensive programmes, with almost all entering the insurance sector when graduated.

The Bermuda intern programme is sponsored by Allied World Assurance and the London, Chicago and Atlanta programmes are sponsored by XL Catlin.

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