Bermuda ramps up COVID-19 preparations


Bermuda had 22 people self-monitoring with public health supervision as of Sunday, according to the Bermuda Ministry of Health. 

It said five other people have been tested for COVID-19, with results pending from the Caribbean Public Health Agency early next week. The five are all in self isolation, it added. 

The Ministry said it is creating a rapid response team in collaboration with community healthcare professionals to increase capacity for detection of potential cases of COVID-19. 

Nurses are being given additional training to deal with investigation and case management when there are suspect cases in the community, while 911 telephone operators have adjusted their ordinary protocols with enhanced questioning of callers to help identify potential cases of COVID-19. 

At the airport, the Department of Health has committed to covering every incoming flight with the presence of a port health nurse. Customs officers in the airport arrivals hall are monitoring activities on the primary line and asking the appropriate travel history and health related questions questions of incoming passengers.  

Meanwhile, the government has ordered 400 cases of hand sanitiser, which will be distributed at various locations across the island, starting with at-risk segments of the population such as seniors. 

Customs duty on hand sanitiser and other relevant supplies will be waived, it added. 

Chief Medical Officer Cheryl Peek-Ball said: “Washing hands and using antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser may seem like overly simple things to do to combat serious respiratory illnesses but they are, in fact, two of the most effective methods.” 



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