Bermuda “ahead of the curve” in COVID-19 testing: Burt


Bermuda received results from 16 COVID-19 tests on March 23, all of which were negative, according to David Burt, Bermuda’s Premier, in an address to the public. 

Burt said Bermuda is ahead of the curve when it comes to testing its population for COVID-19, and vowed to continue the aggressive testing regime.

Bermuda’s Ministry of Public Works is working closely with the Bermuda Industrial Union to resolve a dispute about rubbish collection, he noted. 

Meanwhile, the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment will also adopt a proactive stance around the enforcement of mandatory self-quarantine, he warned, noting that failure to adhere to the rules around self quarantine put people’s lives at risk. 

Burt reiterated that retail stores that have been ordered to close are still permitted to deliver or arrange pick-up services. Businesses that have not been ordered to close should have employees work from home where possible, with customer facing operations reduced to a bare minimum. Activities that require being outside or contact with customers should be deferred, and businesses should observe official social distancing guidelines, including the reduction of the number of people in any space at any one time.

Burt asked Bermudians to take the opportunity COVID-19 presents “to reconnect with some values that may be secondary to the busy lives that we lead. Values like personal responsibility; putting the needs of the vulnerable ahead of our own; and taking decisions in the best interests of the majority and not a small minority.”



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