Argus office turns blue for diabetes awareness


Argus Group’s Wesley Street office has been going blue every day in November as the company recognises Diabetes Awareness Month on Bermuda.

The company has partnered with the Bermuda Diabetes Association and has been illuminating its offices in blue over the month.

Each year on World Diabetes Day, November 14, famous landmarks around the globe, including the London Eye and Sears Tower in Chicago, are lit up in blue to raise awareness of the rising prevalence of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This year, Bermuda was included in the effort.

Sara McKittrick, diabetes educator at the Bermuda Diabetes Association, said: “Our local statistics states 13 percent of Bermuda’s population living with diabetes, which is almost double the global average of 8 percent, which demonstrates the prevalence of this in our community. It is a serious condition as uncontrolled diabetes can lead to major and costly complications including heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure and limb amputations. While we cannot prevent or reverse Type 1 diabetes, the recent evidence regarding reversal of Type 2 diabetes is very promising and gives patients hope to change the course of their condition. The Bermuda Diabetes Association is proud to be involved in the pioneering programme, which has already proven to help many of its participants with the management of Type 2 diabetes.”

The Argus Group is committed to working with stakeholders to reverse the growing trend of Diabetes in Bermuda. The Diabetes Reversal Programme, launched in March 2017 by Premier Health & Wellness Center, in partnership with renowned endocrinologist Dr. David Cavan, Argus and the Bermuda Diabetes Association, aims to help individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes develop the skills and confidence to self-manage their condition and improve their quality of life. The 12-month programme provides participants with customised dietary advice, peer support and strategies for incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. The ultimate objective for participants is to achieve an overall feeling of well-being by gaining control of their blood glucose levels and reducing their dependence on medications. Added benefits include weight loss and greater mobility.

“Having the Argus building illuminated in blue lights supports the global diabetes initiative to raise awareness of diabetes and bring to light its prevalence in Bermuda,” said Michelle Jackson, executive vice president group insurance at The Argus Group. “At Argus, our mission is to advocate for and support the health and wellness of our community. Helping our members in leading healthy lifestyles is an important step towards addressing the growing epidemic of diabetes on the island. Additionally, increasing access to preventive health services is a priority for us; therefore I am pleased to note that the Diabetes Reversal Programme is covered at 100 per cent for our eligible members.”

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