Alternative investment summit to be held in Bermuda


Radius Financial Education, supported by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), is hosting the first annual World Alternative Investment Summit Bermuda (WAIS Bermuda), to which 250 asset management professionals and investors are expected to attend.

The asset management sector has been identified as a potential growth sector by the BDA, partly because of the natural links between this market and the burgeoning ILS sector and the rise of hedge fund-backed reinsurers on the island.

The event is slated for September 28-30, and will be held at the Fairmount Southampton Resort, Bermuda.

The WAIS Bermuda event is aiming at bringing together investment and business experts to network and share insights and ideas around the global alternative investment industry.

Among the delegates include asset managers, institutional and high-net-worth investors, hedge funds, family offices, banks, legal and accounting firms, and fund administrators.

“Hosting this conference in Bermuda will further enhance growth in the asset management sector here, as well as to boost the island’s corporate tourism,” said Ross Webber, chief executive officer, BDA.

“Bermuda’s world-respected fund business is strong and growing, and events such as this one help heighten our profile and signal our renewed drive as a jurisdiction to attract investment industry professionals.”

Sean Moran, business development manager, BDA, added: “The fact that we have these international events taking place here this year affirms we are back on the industry’s radar.

“Bermuda is once again a destination where fund experts are gathering to network, address pertinent issues, and have some fun in the process.

“Delegates are always impressed by Bermuda’s natural beauty, but many are also impressed by its sophistication, talent and significance as an international financial centre—this leads to new business opportunities for local fund managers, directors, lawyers, administrators and other service providers.”

Tony Sanfelice, president of Radius, commented: “We are excited to present WAIS Bermuda with the endorsement of the Bermuda Business Development Agency.

“We are committed to delivering a successful event that brings together alternative investment managers and investors.

“With Bermuda’s formidable history as one of the world’s leading financial jurisdictions, and its reputation for respected regulation and commitment to compliance, it is an excellent location to extend our success producing leading alternative investment management conferences.”

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