Alexander White, Bermuda Privacy Commissioner
21 August 2020News

ABIR forms data privacy taskforce

The Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) has formed a new ABIR Data and Privacy Taskforce (ADAPT) to help ensure Bermuda meets international requirements regarding the use of personal data.

The taskforce is chaired by Jim Paugh, general counsel of Chubb Bermuda Insurance and staffed by ABIR’s data privacy officer-designee Suzanne Williams-Charles, along with senior privacy officers from each of ABIR’s member companies.

It works alongside Bermuda’s Privacy Commissioner to facilitate the implementation of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), which sets out how Bermuda-based organisations should handle personal data to protect the rights of Bermudians and comply with international regulations.

ADAPT will support the mission and goals of the Privacy Commissioner and ensure efficient communication between him and key stakeholder groups. It will facilitate the education of key stakeholders and the public about PIPA and allow stakeholders to address unique industry issues related to data protection.

Albert Benchimol, president and chief executive of Axis Capital and chair of ABIR, said Bermuda’s implementation of privacy laws will be “world class” and advance its international market position.

“As Bermuda’s leading employers and economic contributors, we are pleased that ABIR will be supporting the Government and helping to lead the way on this important topic for the benefit of Bermuda and Bermudians,” he added.

Alexander White, Bermuda Privacy Commissioner, emphasised the importance of ensuring PIPA is implemented carefully and thoughtfully, to protect personal data. “Bermuda has a long tradition as the world’s risk capital, and companies here continue to lead the way in cyber and privacy risk,” he said.