Rountree takes Barrette's place at OneBeacon


Manning Rountree has been appointed as class III director at OneBeacon Insurance Group. He succeeds Ray Barrette who has retired from the company and its parent White Mountains.

White Mountains Insurance Group recently announced the retirement of Barrette as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). Barrette also resigned from his role as a class III director of OneBeacon on March 1. 

Rountree started at his new position at the subsidiary on March 06. He has also been appointed as the new CEO of White Mountains

The company said in a filing that Rountree will not be entitled to any compensation for his service as a director of OneBeacon as he is an employee of its parent.

Prior to this, Rountree was the executive vice president of White Mountains and president of White Mountains Capital. He joined the company in 2004.

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