12 August 2014News

RMS reveals economic exposure databases for Asia

Catastrophe management firm RMS has released its economic exposure databases and industrial clusters catalogues for South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The new suite of datasets provides the location, configuration and economic values of exposure concentrations in the five countries to enable insurers and reinsurers to develop a more comprehensive view of risk in Asia.

Neena Saith, director of business solutions at RMS, says: “Until now, the scarcity of exposure data for Asia has forced companies to rely on aggregate data, which hides the true magnitude of their risk.”

Saith continues, “By using the RMS datasets companies can now get a clear-cut view of exposure risk to sustain profitable business in these five countries. They can locate concentrations of exposure and characterise the risk profiles of exposure hotspots to develop more robust risk management strategies.”