R&Q subsidiary announces California partnership


A Florida-domiciled subsidiary of Randall & Quilter has confirmed a program underwriting partnership with Pronto General Insurance Agency.

The subsidiary, Accredited Surety and Casualty Company (Accredited), will now be Pronto’s issuing carrier in California to support its expanding private passenger automobile business.

Pronto is a specialty MGA that provides coverage to its customers in Texas and California.

Todd Campbell, Accredited CEO, said: “The Pronto team has developed well over a decade’s worth of successful multi-channel growth while attracting significant outside investment.

“Accredited has a strong pipeline of new partnerships for 2019 and we are excited to be delivering on our mission to be the program underwriter of choice for US MGAs, MGUs, program owners and their capital partners.”

“This partnership with Pronto is further evidence of delivering on our mission to be a leading provider of program underwriting services to MGAs and MGUs,” said Ken Randall, R&Q CEO. “We look forward to partnering with Pronto and in completing other new partnerships in 2019.”

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