Qatar Re announces leadership changes after Speare-Cole quits


Bermuda-based Qatar Re has announced that Alastair Speare-Cole, the company’s chief underwriting officer (CUO), has resigned.

The company said that Speare-Cole had resigned earlier in February, but did not say exactly when.

Gunther Saacke, CEO, said: “We thank Alastair for his relentless efforts during his stint at Qatar Re. Generational change in our company and the desire for a less hectic life-style have led Alastair to move on. Having served in a senior and demanding role at Qatar Re, our best wishes follow Alastair as he takes on future challenges in our industry.

“On a more personal note, I remain particularly grateful to Alastair for his support of the idea to create a new and significant reinsurer that is enrooted in the Gulf countries but is rolling out a truly global franchise. Developing the initial concept for such a project as early as 2002, it has taken a decade to make it happen. Alastair remained a keen and sympathetic observer of this initiative during those years and he was welcomed when he offered to join us for a period as CUO, helping to manage what in the meantime had become Qatar Re.”

In the wake of Speare-Cole’s resignation Qatar Re has promoted Luke Roden and Michael van der Straaten to fill the gap. Roden has been appointed CUO - short tail classes and also retains his role as head of ceded re, whilst van der Straaten has been appointed CUO - long tail & speciality classes.

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