9 March 2020News

Perils revises up loss estimates for Dragi-Eberhard

Extratropical Cyclone Dragi-Eberhard caused an insured property market loss of €782 million, according to Perils, the independent Zurich-based provider of catastrophe insurance data.

The figure is Perils’ fourth and final loss estimate for Dragi-Eberhard, and revises up its previous loss estimate of €772 million, made on September 9, 2019.

Low-pressure system Dragi struck on 9 March, 2019, and was immediately followed by Eberhard on 10 March. The majority of the losses occurred in Belgium, France and Germany, with the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland also affected, but to a much lesser degree, Perils said.

Dragi-Eberhard was the largest windstorm of the 2018/2019 European extratropical cyclone season.

Perils said it will report on extratropical cyclone Sabine, also known as Ciara and Elsa, which affected Europe on February 9-11, 2020. It is currently investigating the series of European extratropical cyclones following Sabine, including Victoria, aka Dennis, Xanthippe-Yulia, and Bianca-Charlotte, aka Jorge.