Nicole intensifies further to Category 4


Hurricane Nicole has strengthened overnight into a Category 4 storm system and is now forecast to pass directly over Bermuda.

Initial forecasts earlier this week predicted that Nicole would be a Category 2 hurricane, but the storm quickly strengthened further as it move North-East towards the Island.

A statement issued by the Bermuda Weather Service at 6.15am on October 13 warned that: “Major Hurricane Nicole is expected to pass over Bermuda during today. Expect hazardous conditions including extreme winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, possible tornadoes, and dangerous surf and rip currents with storm surge building 6 to 8 feet on top of very high seas. Hurricane force winds arrive this morning last into this evening.”

The Government of Bermuda said that hurricane-force gusts of winds were already being reported on the Island and that two possible brief tornadoes had been recorded, adding that it is monitoring developments.

Bermuda’s Emergency Measures Organisation said that power cuts had already been reported in several areas as a result of the storm and that power would be restored once the winds had subsided enough to make safe repairs possible.

According to the US-based National Hurricane Centre Nicole is forecast to pass to the North-East by Friday, with wind speeds decreasing steadily. The hurricane is also expected to weaken a little to a Category 3, before eventually becoming a tropical storm to the South-East of Newfoundland.

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