30 March 2015News

More appointments unveiled at XL Catlin

A number of new appointments following the restructuring of XL Catlin have been unveiled.

Patrick Tannock, the president of XL Insurance (Bermuda), will retain responsibility for the island.

Catlin’s chief executive officer of Canada, David Huebel, will retain responsibility for Canada, while Bruno Laval, currently the regional insurance manager of Iberia and Latin America at XL, will lead the Latin American operations of the combined entity.

Heading up casualty in North America is Ken Riegler. He currently serves as leader of both the North American distribution and network team and the North America primary casualty team. Daniel Maurer will head up international casualty; he currently serves as managing director of XL and XL’s upper middle market unit of international property and casualty division.

The new company will see John Coletti take the lead on cyber insurance. He currently serves as chief underwriting officer of cyber and technology at XL.

Michele Sansone has been selected to lead North American property, while Ian France will head up international property. Sansone heads up XL’s North American property insurance business and France serves as chief underwriting officer of XL’s international property portfolio