Markel reorganises casualty team


Markel Corporation has reorganised the leadership structure of its excess casualty team. The underwriting unit, with teams in Bermuda, the US, Dublin, and London, reports to Alan Rodrigues, executive underwriting officer, casualty.

Matt Mullen and Colin Shaw, both managing directors, casualty, report to Rodrigues directly. Mullen and Shaw are responsible for running the risk management excess casualty business within the Markel Assurance division, focusing on cultivating broker relationships and making Markel a more attractive market.

Mullen is based in New York and leads the excess casualty underwriting teams located in the US and Bermuda. Elizabeth Stewart, senior director, reports to Mullen and now oversees Markel's excess casualty underwriting efforts in Bermuda.

"Liz has worked directly with our Bermuda brokers for a number of years and knows what it takes to develop meaningful, long-term relationships,” said Mullen. “She has done an excellent job increasing our visibility in the market and representing Markel and its expanding product portfolio.”

Shaw is based in Dublin and leads the European excess casualty teams in Dublin and London. Siobhan Walshe reports to Shaw and oversees the excess casualty business in London. "Siobhan has a wealth of experience in the London excess casualty market space. She manages the day-to-day operations for the casualty team and continues to develop meaningful and valuable relationships with brokers and clients in the London marketplace," said Shaw.

"Both Matt and Colin have developed long-tenured teams and forged enduring and valuable relationships with brokers in their respective markets," stated Rodrigues. "Coupled with their years of underwriting expertise in this space, I am confident they will lead the excess casualty team to continued growth and new opportunities."

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