Maiden highlights innovation via new initiative


Maiden Holdings has expanded its technology innovation initiative by establishing a customer focused innovation solutions team across all the company’s critical client functions.

According to the company the innovation solutions team will help customers identify emerging technology, engage and access the application of the technology, and leverage new technology to achieve their strategic goals. The group will be led by Maiden’s senior vice president of corporate development Colin Fitt.

“At Maiden we have always had a deep focus on customers. This focus has enabled us to provide personalised services and creative reinsurance solutions tailored to meet the changing needs of our clients,” said Tom Highet, president of Maiden Reinsurance North America. “Our vision is to establish Maiden as the reinsurer of choice by providing current and prospective clients with access to knowledge that allows them to identify, test and implement technologies that are critical to their strategic plans.”

“As we look to the future, the scope and speed of technology changes will continue to increase,” said Fitt. “It is Maiden’s strategy to provide our clients with the visibility, insight, and access to deploy effective technology to create and maintain a competitive advantage.”

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