Ironshore offers colleges extension on disruption cover


Ironshore Specialty Casualty has announced that its Public Entity division has introduced a policy extension that offers higher education institutions an automatic endorsement for expenses that come from campus operations being affected by natural or man-made incidents, including incidents involving firearms or other weapons.

The extension, called Campus Secure, provides excess coverage for reimbursement of event-related expenditures incurred both during and after an unexpected and potentially devastating occurrence that disrupts educational institutions, impacting faculty, staff and students.

According to Ironshore the endorsement extends coverage for on-site random acts of violence, as well as for expenses related to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, severe weather and other disruptive occurrences requiring the institution to follow safety protocols and regain normalcy as expediently as possible. Evacuation expense reimbursement limits and school violence expense reimbursement limits are available up to $10,000 each, with an annual aggregate of up to $25,000.

The Public Entity division underwrites liability programs for public governmental entities and infrastructure facilities, as well as coverage for the higher education market including universities, colleges and community colleges.

"Random acts of violence and episodic events on university and college campuses nationwide have increased dramatically in recent years with higher educational institutions being required to incur unprecedented expenses to deploy precautionary safety measures," said Dawn Puro, senior vice president of Ironshore. "Ironshore’s loss control risk management endorsement offers monetary remuneration and additional resources for our university and college risk management clients."

Under the policy conditions, an evacuation event is the deliberate and controlled relocation of the institution’s personnel, students, faculty and others on college/university property. Coverage response costs are associated with necessary transportation, relocation and lodging alternatives. School violence events are broadly considered to be any random criminal act or series of events, including active shooters or use of physical weapons and explosive devices that result in personal injury. Ironshore’s Campus Secure endorsement also provides coverage of expenses that are direct costs assumed in connection with professional resources, such as security services, counselling, consultant fees and communications for up to 15-30 days following an event.

According to Puro timely, responsive action by educational institutions victimised by acts of violence or faced with nature’s wrath can establish the basis for sound risk management practices that, ultimately, influence longer term risk mitigation.

Ironshore Specialty Casualty, Dawn Puro, Public Entity, Bermuda

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