4 June 2013News

Ironshore launches terror coverage for high-profile events

Ironshore International has announced the launch of their “SecurEvent” coverage, an insurance product that covers potential risk exposures surrounding high-profile events.

The product responds to losses arising from terrorist acts without requiring formal recognition that the event occurrence has been defined as such within the meaning of TRIPRA.

SecurEvent coverage includes Broad Form Contingency, General Liability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and pre- and post- crisis management coverage for single- and multi-day events.

Mark Wheeler, CEO of Ironshore International, said: “terrorism and political violence attacks are designed to cause maximum human suffering and economic loss and, unlike natural catastrophe events, they are calculated strikes. Ironshore’s team of experts has in-depth, proven specialist underwriting knowledge necessary to analyse and address risk exposures surrounding large sporting and entertainment events.”

Wheeler concluded: “Ironshore and Pembroke are recognised specialists in war and terrorism insurance and other political violence exposures, and we are poised to address these risks by providing this innovative, event-specific coverage solution throughout our global platform.”