4 September 2014News

Ironshore expands M&A coverage

Ironshore International has expanded its mergers & acquisitions (M&A) insurance coverage to address environmental risks.

The coverage includes first and third-party exposure for reimbursement of cleanup and remuneration costs, and third-party liabilities arising from damage surrounding sudden, accidental and gradual pollution incidents.

“Ironshore’s comprehensive cover is underwritten by a team of specialists with in-depth understanding of the nuances of diverse mergers and acquisitions transactions and environmental risk exposures,” said Robert Brown, global head, M&A Uuit. “Our cross-divisional expertise provides clients with customised insurance solutions that could, otherwise, significantly impact the success of an M&A deal.”

John O’Brien, chief executive officer of Ironshore Environmental, added: “Ironshore Environmental is thrilled to be joining forces with our M&A group to provide environmental solutions to issues that can often hinder a domestic or international M&A transaction from closing or adversely affect the offers terms and conditions.”