15 August 2014News

Guy Carp updates risk management tool

Guy Carpenter has released the latest version of its risk and capital management decision-making tool.

MetaRisk 7.3 provides enhanced features in the areas of reinsurance, catastrophe modelling and capital modelling, supporting direct links to AIR Touchstone catastrophe model databases. The update also includes a new feature, called Structure Mode, specifically geared toward reinsurance users.

Guy Carpenter says that this new Structure Mode streamlines the process of reinsurance evaluation and provides a dynamic pricing view, which allows for ad-hoc pricing and simple result comparisons instantaneously. This gives underwriters, brokers and ceded reinsurance professionals more efficient decision-making when it comes to determining the best reinsurance solutions.

“These latest improvements to MetaRisk 7.3 further emphasise our commitment to providing key decision-makers with a faster, deeper and more sophisticated view of the complex risk drivers throughout their business," says Donald Mango, vice chairman of enterprise analytics for Guy Carpenter. “MetaRisk 7.3 represents the most innovative, powerful and efficient economic capital tool for our clients.”

The capital modelling enhancements reflect several new features including new methods for reserving by line of business. MetaRisk 7.3 also provides improvements to usability and overall functionality including: reinsurance contract clauses, new grid “views” for aggregates and lines of business, report sets by variation that allow users to run only what is needed for each variation, and new advanced reporting capabilities in MetaRisk ReportsTM.