26 September 2019News

Everest takes full control of Salus Systems

Everest Insurance has acquired all the outstanding shares of its joint venture Salus Systems, which it formed in 2017 in partnership with Charter Partners Community.

Salus develops and markets Zero, a workplace safety software application designed to lower claims-related costs and streamline workforce safety operations.

Zero has been designed to engage employees while tracking, observing and responding to potential hazards in real time. It emphasises proactive safety management at every level of an organisation through a collaborative risk identification process, and includes incident management and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance and reporting capabilities.

Members are encouraged to participate in the reduction of workplace hazards and take ownership of company safety.

Bill Thygeson, chief administrative officer at Everest Insurance, described Zero as “a revolutionary tool in the workplace safety market,” insisting it can reduce claims costs while also improving the safety and wellness of employees.