Ed to launch in Bermuda


The chief executive of Ed, the newly rebranded broker formerly known as Cooper Gay, has revealed plans to launch in Bermuda by the end of the year.

Steve Hearn, chief executive of Ed, who has restructured and rebranded the broker in the past 12 months, said he regarded Bermuda as being a missing piece of the puzzle for the company and its future plans.

He plans to fix this by the end of the year, revealing plans for a new operation in Bermuda which will employ around five people.

“It was an odd missing piece of the puzzle for us and we will solve that by the end of the year,” said Hearn. 

He added: “I feel Bermuda is more vibrant and relevant than it has ever been, in part thanks to Solvency II equivalence. We look forward to establishing a presence in that market.” 


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