Bermuda to host ALARYS 2016


Bermuda has been selected to host ALARYS 2016, a biennial conference for risk managers from countries throughout Latin America.

This is the third time Bermuda has been chosen as the host country for the Asociación Latinoamericana de Administradores de Riesgos y Seguros (ALARYS) conference.

“This is a notable coup for Bermuda,” said Eduardo Fox, Bermuda Business Development Agency’s (BDA) Latin America committee head, ALARYS director, and LatAm global manager at Appleby.

“Hundreds of delegates from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, as well as investors, brokers and administrators with interest in the region from as far away as the Far East, will travel to Bermuda for this event. It’s good for the Island, good for our captive industry, and good for the jurisdiction as a whole.”

According to Fox, nearly two-thirds of all Latin America-owned captives in the world are being formed in Bermuda.

“Its importance to the rest of our market is supported by the fact that 2013 alone saw nearly a third of all newly-formed captives in Bermuda having a LatAm parent,” he noted.

“Our success in winning this prestigious event reflects strong ties to the Latin American region and further highlights Bermuda’s lead position as the domicile of choice for risk-management solutions,” said BDA chief executive officer Ross Webber. “I am very proud of the work undertaken by the BDA committee. The immediate economic boost during the event will be apparent, and securing an increase in Latin American business will reap long-term benefits for Bermudians.”

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