21 August 2019News

Bermuda prepares for Tech Week in October

Bermuda Tech Week 2019 will take place at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club from October 14-18, exploring the future opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies.

The event will showcase Bermuda as a welcoming, stable and well-regulated jurisdiction where technology and start-up companies can thrive. It will incorporate the Bermuda Tech Summit on 16 October, exploring the transformational impact of technology on investment and business models in insurance, as well as other sectors such as hospitality, financial services and telecommunications.

Middle and high school students will participate in the Bermuda Tech Education Summit on 15 October. Wayne Smith, head of the fintech business unit for the Government of Bermuda, said: "Making sure our local talent has the knowledge and skills to participate in the technology revolution is a key part of the government's strategy. They are the next generation of coders, programmers, cryptographers and technology professionals so we look forward to showing them the new opportunities being created.

Bermuda Premier David Burt pointed to the island’s long history of innovation as evidence that it understands and recognises the power of technology to positively impact the economy and society. He also welcomed the economic growth and job creation tech brings to its economy.

"Over the past two years we have built on our strength as a global leader in regulating the risks associated with the global insurance industry to develop a clear regulatory framework around managing the risks associated with fintech,” he said. “Our progressive approach has drawn accolades in US senate hearings and from an SEC commissioner in providing the kind of guidance, oversight and clarity needed for the industry to deliver on its mission to make financial services more accessible to people around the globe.”

Andy Burrows, CEO of the Bermuda Business Development Agency, said: "Bermuda Tech Week 2019 comes at an ideal time and builds on the momentum we have seen in the market, driven by new and innovative legislation. Industry, government and regulatory authorities here in Bermuda work closely together to deliver an environment that facilitates progress.”