21 August 2014News

BDA appoints new CEO, enhances development arm

The Bermuda Business Development Agency has formed a new business development team to work with industry focus groups to devise and implement strategies for job preservation and growth.

Three senior executives find themselves in new roles at the agency, including new CEO Ross Webber, and business development managers (BDMs), Sean Moran and Jereme Ramsay.

Webber has been involved with the BDA since its inception as a member of the board of directors. He joined the BDA from the Government of Bermuda where he was permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education and Economic Development, following a successful career in Bermuda’s international insurance sector in underwriting and business development roles with ACE and AIG.

In their new roles as BDMs, Moran and Ramsay will encourage investment in Bermuda by providing information and resources to companies that are deciding on their business jurisdiction. They will work directly with companies to assist in setting up their Bermuda operations by liaising with the Bermuda Government, the BMA, and industry professionals. Moran and Ramsay will also work closely with existing businesses to support business development initiatives in Bermuda and overseas.

Moran brings to the BDA over 15 years of financial services experience, most recently serving as vice president of Citi Hedge Fund Services for Citigroup, New York, since 2011. Prior to Citi, he held senior roles with Butterfield Fulcrum Group as director of business development and with HSBC Alternative Fund Services as client relationship manager. Ramsay's experience stems across financial services, in both asset management and retail banking. As planning and governance manager for HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, he was responsible for strategic planning and marketing governance for both retail and wealth management divisions.

Webber comments, “I am thrilled to have executives of the calibre of Sean and Jereme join us at the BDA where they will advance the culture of business development. Their experience, skill sets, passion and aptitude will help us to translate a lot of the incredible ideas coming out of the focus groups into implementable business plans.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Jereme, Sean, and I, along with the rest of the team and board of the BDA are all focussed on deploying our resources to make sure we try to stimulate our economy so that companies can keep jobs in Bermuda and create more opportunities for Bermudians.”