Athene Holding announces treaty deal with Lincoln


Bermuda-based Athene Holding has announced that it has executed a flow reinsurance treaty with Lincoln Financial Group.

According to Athene, under the terms of the treaty insurance subsidiaries of Athene are reinsuring traditional fixed and fixed indexed annuities sold by Lincoln Financial. The agreement became effective on August 1, 2017.

“Athene is pleased to begin this new partnership with Lincoln Financial Group,” said Jim Belardi, CEO of Athene. “Our flow reinsurance products help our partners like Lincoln Financial improve their value proposition and expand their customer base and distribution reach. We continue to add new partners and diversify our product portfolio to enhance our market leadership position in this channel.”

Athene owns Athene Life Re, an annuity reinsurance companies which has completed reinsurance transactions with 18 third-party cedents since its inception. Incorporated in 2009, ALRe’s core business is fixed annuity reinsurance, which helps third-party companies manage their business and improve their financial results.

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