AM Best to explain ratings criteria changes in Bermuda briefing


AM Best to explain ratings criteria changes in Bermuda briefing

Matthew Mosher, President & CEO AM Best Rating Services

AM Best will discuss a wide range of topics from the year-end renewals to the Florida market to revisions to its rating criteria for re/insurers in an Insurance Market Briefing & Networking Reception in Bermuda on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

In the session, a number of AM Best analytical staff will discuss a number of key trends and factors impacting the industry, as well as upcoming revisions to AM Best’s rating criteria for re/insurers.

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A and a networking reception.

Topics will include a January renewals debrief and expectations for April and June – a look at pricing, capacity allocations and overall risk appetite. An examination of the Florida market, looking at capacity, pricing, legal reforms and primary and secondary perils all still in play.

Analysts will also discuss the growth of Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises, considering the impact and implications for the industry as a whole; Specialty Fronting Model – recent observations and trends; the rise of the cyber specialist insurer – armed with capital and ready to fill a void; and offer an update on AM Best’s approach to Holding Company and Available Capital criteria.

Speakers will include: Anthony Diodato, Managing Director, Analytics; Stefan Holzberger, Chief Rating Officer; Ken Johnson, Managing Director, Analytics; Mahesh Mistry, Senior Director, Criteria; Matthew Mosher, President & CEO AM Best Rating Services; and Greg Williams, Senior Director, Analytics.

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