8 May 2014News

ACE leads the way with mobile travel assistance app

ACE Group has announced the launch of an exclusive mobile application that provides travel assistance services for its international casualty insureds doing business overseas.

The ACE travel app represents an innovative step forward in mobile technology for eligible international travelers, including employees, volunteers, and students covered through ACE international advantage.

Offered through ACE’s executive assistance services, the new mobile application provides ACE international advantage customers with information essential to the planning of any international trip. Once the application is downloaded, customers have the option to create a travel itinerary prior to or during their trip.

Based on the traveler’s GPS location, as well as their stored itinerary, real-time alerts, risk management mitigation tips, as well as tools to manage medical or other travel related incidents will be pushed to the user’s mobile device.

“With the advent of smartphone technology and the ever-quickening pace of global events, it became apparent that ACE needed to make an investment in bringing mobile travel assistance services to the middle market and small commercial space. The ACE travel app was developed specifically to fill this need by helping to keep travelers safe through the delivery of critical information should an emergency arise while clients conduct business overseas,” says Tim Benson, senior vice president, ACE international advantage. “The development and release of this technology demonstrates ACE’s focus and commitment to providing industry-leading coverages and insurance-related services in the small commercial and middle market space.”

ACE international advantage insureds will be able to access a multitude of services through the app, including country research, travel alerts, security services, emergency assistance and concierge services.

Bryan Tedford, executive vice president ACE foreign casualty, highlights the need to stay competitive, “Globalization is on the rise, and as a result companies have expanded their international operations. Through this expansion, employees may be faced with greater and more unique travel-related exposures based on their destinations. Whether business travelers are negotiating a business deal in Shanghai or making a sales presentation in Columbia, they can have real-time online and mobile access to ACE executive assistance services via their smartphone.”

The mobile app is available for download on iPhone, android and certain blackberry models.