10 February 2014News

ACE increases environmental insurance capacity

ACE Global Markets now offers increased capacity of $50 million for global clients seeking environmental liability insurance coverage following recent research highlighting the risk as a major concern across the EMEA region.

Matthew Shaw, president of ACE Global Markets, said: “our research indicates that environmental liability is a key emerging risk concern for companies today and it is a strategic growth area for ACE. ACE Global Markets’ expanded capacity demonstrates our continuing commitment to providing wholesale brokers and their clients worldwide with market-leading underwriting solution through our Lloyd’s and London company market platform.”

Coverage options include response to both pollution and environmental damage related losses, as well as clean-up costs, costs and expenses, property damage, bodily injury, trespass, nuisance or obstruction from both gradual and sudden accidental incidents.

Emma Bartolo, environmental risk manager, UK and Ireland, said: “environmental exposures and the liabilities they create for businesses have become increasingly onerous and they now impact many industries more frequently, and to a greater degree. This strengthening of our proposition reflects the changing risk environment we see at CE and our commitment to working with London market brokers to meet their evolving client needs across the world.”