14 May 2015News

ACE Foundation recipient achieves university top honour

A recipient of the 2011 ACE/Robert Clements Scholarship, awarded by The ACE Foundation, the philanthropic arm of ACE, has become the 2015 valedictorian at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada.

Bermudian student Andrew Fleming, who will shortly be joining ACE’s political risk subsidiary, Sovereign Risk Insurance for an internship, was a former head boy of CedarBridge. He made history when he graduated with the school’s highest grade point average of 3.98.

At Mount Saint Vincent University, Fleming again excelled returning from his first year with a perfect GPA of 4.3, a grade that he has maintained throughout his university career.

He will now accept his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in international management and economics, and deliver the valedictorian speech to his graduating year.

“I am feeling excited as I go to collect the degree that I have worked so hard for over the past four years,” said. “It is a feeling of ‘yes, we did it’. ‘We’ because though I am the one who is getting the degree, it is not a degree which I have earned alone. Rather, it is the culmination of the efforts of professors, administration, and group work that was completed throughout the four years.”

Beyond the classroom, Fleming has completed various summer internships within the business and support functions of ACE’s insurance operations including underwriting, legal and actuarial.

This summer he has accepted an internship at ACE’s political risk subsidiary, Sovereign Risk Insurance, allowing him to expand his insurance knowledge with added political and economic aspects. His next goal, starting in the fall, is to complete a one-year master’s degree programme in international business at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Lori Samson, Chair of the ACE Foundation – Bermuda said: “We are immensely proud of Andrew and his accomplishments. Andrew has been an exceptional student and employee, and we look forward to welcoming him back to ACE this summer before he embarks on the next chapter of his education.”