Bermuda leads way for business: Burt


Bermuda is a leading jurisdiction for insurance business and leads the way in providing a global example of transparency and compliance, according to Premier David Burt.

Speaking at the Bermuda Executive Forum in London Premier Burt told attendees that the Island was confident of meeting global financial standards and leads the world in insurance innovation, as well as being a world-class supplier of reinsurance coverage. He also stressed that this innovation now included areas like insurtech and blockchain, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Burt stressed the benefits of doing business on Bermuda, citing its 400 years of close ties to the UK legal system, as well as its transparent, co-operative and compliant tax and financial standards.

He called upon attendees to consider doing business on Bermuda and stressed the work being done by all parties from the BDA to the Bermudian Government to provide a welcoming place to relocate to.

Premier Burt is set to talk to the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May as well as representatives of the European Union (EU) about a wide range of subjects in his trip to the UK, including Brexit, the impact of the recent severe hurricane season as well as the mooted ‘blacklist’ of jurisdictions being discussed by the EU.

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