Bermuda adopts zero tolerance policy in enforcing social distancing


Bermuda will adopt a zero tolerance approach in its enforcement of its social distancing rules in phase two of its plan to open up the economy. 

David Burt, Bermuda’s Premier, warned businesses that do not enforce the appropriate protocols as they reopen will face harsh measures. “Businesses that are not following the guidelines will be closed. It’s that simple,” he said. 

Burt hit out at “reckless behavior” among some Bermudians, who have not been wearing face masks in public or who have not been keeping the required distance from other members of the public. 

It would only take one asymptomatic super-spreader to set Bermuda back in its virus containment strategy, he noted. “That person could be your friend who had a party where it was too hot to wear a mask. But you were signing and having a good time and now you are at risk,” he said. “Our collective job is to minimise transmission, and that means that we must all have our guard up.”

“There are examples of countries that began to give their people the opportunity to return to work, people stopped acting responsibly and COVID-19 cases increased,” Burt said. “Bermuda will not be one of those countries.” 

Burt confirmed regularly scheduled commercial traffic will not resume until Bermuda entered phase four of its plan. “We will not be opening the airport to regular scheduled air travel until we are absolutely certain that we not only have means to protect our community, but that we are absolutely safe to do so,” he said. 

Bermuda has 133 total confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

David Burt, COVID-19

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