BDA releases new testimonial video


The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) has released a new testimonial campaign video in which senior corporate leaders praise Bermuda’s world-class talent, innovation, respected regulation, and ease of doing global business from the island.

Among the executives interviewed by the BDA in the video is newly-appointed AIG CEO and former chief executive and chairman of Hamilton Insurance Group, Brian Duperreault.

The video, shot by Bermuda’s Burnt House Productions, is part of an ongoing public-relations campaign rolled out by BDA with advocacy partners in the US this year to raise the domicile’s profile, particularly among North American business executives.

“We’re proud that leaders from Bermuda’s international business sector have joined us in this campaign to promote the jurisdiction,” said BDA CEO Ross Webber. “Theirs is an important message that will spearhead our wider campaign over the next several months. It represents an opportunity to raise awareness about Bermuda’s unique, elite marketplace and differentiate the island from other finance centres.”

Key executives featured in the video describe what they feel are the Bermuda market’s core strengths and why their companies chose the island as a base from which to conduct global business. They include Stuart Lacey, founder and CEO, Trunomi; Dr Angelos Stergiou, CEO and vice chairman, Sellas Life Sciences Group; Patrick Tannock, CEO, XL Bermuda, insurance; Allison Towlson, senior vice president, distribution & operations, Chubb Bermuda; and Stephen Weinstein, senior vice president & group general counsel RenaissanceRe Holdings.

Among the attributes they cite as Bermuda’s strongest selling points are the quality of the island’s workforce, its efficient regulatory system, its ideal location and the market’s agile, collaborative, innovative spirit.

“The Bermuda marketplace is world-class. It’s world-class in the people. It’s world-class in the capital that it has. It’s world-class in its regulatory environment. And it’s a world-class environment just generally,” says Duperreault. “The way liability is covered in the United States had its genesis here. The way natural catastrophes are covered globally had its genesis here. The way capital gets deployed in our business has been evolving, and that evolution had its genesis here. So that’s innovation.”

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