Argo Pro announces new commercial crime insurance coverage


Argo Pro, a member of the Argo Group, has announced an expansion of its management liability insurance products with a new commercial crime insurance offering.

Argo Pro’s Crime and Fidelity insurance coverage helps to protect medium-sized companies—up to $15 million in capacity—against loss of money, securities or inventory resulting from crime.

Features of this specialty insurance coverage, which is available in most states in the US, includes protection against losses due to employee dishonesty; forgery or alteration; theft, robbery and burglary (inside the premises); theft and robbery (outside the premises); computer fraud; electronic funds transfer (EFT) fraud; and counterfeit currency and money orders.

“With fraud and embezzlement in the workplace on the rise, even the best work environments are vulnerable to crimes committed by employees,” says Laurie Banez, senior vice president, chief underwriting officer, Argo Pro.

“In responding to such increased exposure, companies would be best served by proactively managing their commercial crime risks with a comprehensive crime insurance product that can protect their assets against potentially significant losses.”

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