Arch promotes Papadopoulo to chairman/CEO role


Arch Capital Group has announced that as of October 1, 2017, Nicolas Papadopoulo will become chairman and CEO of Arch Worldwide Insurance Group and chief underwriting officer for property & casualty operations.

Papadopoulo, who joined Arch in 2001 and currently serves as chairman and CEO of Arch Worldwide Reinsurance Group, will succeed David McElroy, who elected to transition from his role to spend more time with his family. McElroy will continue with the company as vice chairman of Arch Worldwide Insurance Group. Maamoun Rajeh, who also joined Arch in 2001 and currently serves as president and CEO of Arch Reinsurance, has been promoted to the position of chairman and CEO of Arch Worldwide Reinsurance Group.

Dinos Iordanou, chairman of the board and CEO of Arch Capital Group, said, “Our ability to promote from within is another indication of the depth and strength of the management team we have built at Arch. Under the leadership of the continuing senior teams led by Nicolas and Maamoun, the strategic direction of the company will not change. We are confident that our insurance and reinsurance operations will continue to deliver outstanding results for our shareholders and clients.”

Marc Grandisson, president and COO of Arch Capital Group, added, “Having worked with Nicolas and Maamoun since the inception of Arch, I have a lot of confidence in them and am very pleased that they will lead our talented insurance and reinsurance teams. We also appreciate David’s significant contributions over the past eight years and are extremely pleased with his continued active participation with the Company moving forward.”

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