3 December 2013

Ironshore Australia and Inter Hannover come to agency agreement for M&A business

Ironshore Australia concluded an agency agreement with the Australian branch of Hannover Plc (Inter Hannover) for M&A insurance business. The deal is focused primarily on business emanating from Australia and New Zealand.

The deal will provide M&A clients access to Ironshore’s Lloyd’s syndicate and high ratings combined with Hannover’s balance sheet.

Katherine Simmonds, Executive Director, Ironshore Australia said: “this agreement offers the regional M&A market access to diversified and highly rated capital, which can be accessed locally for all M&A insurance needs. Ironshore Australia’s agency agreement with Inter Hannover in Australia leverages our unique expertise in the M&A Insurance market to work with global carriers that have an appetite for supporting niche specialty insurance products.”

David Rogers, Managing Director of Ironshore Australia noted: “it is Ironshore’s intention to pursue further expansion opportunities with these types of agency agreements.”