5 July 2013Re/insurance

Horton promoted to VP, financial lines within Iron-Starr

Steven Horton has been promoted to vice president, financial lines manager at Iron-Starr Excess Agency based in Bermuda.

Horton has been promoted through Ironshore’s Pembroke syndicate and Iron-Starr where he has been responsible for financial lines since 2010.

Commenting on Horton’s appointment, Iron-Starr’s CEO Stuart Anderson said: “Steve has demonstrated exemplary underwriting and production abilities throughout his career.  He also has been instrumental in mentoring and coaching our young talented Bermudian professionals, including the development of their training and career plans.  Steve is a key member of our management group at Iron-Starr and has developed a strong reputation for execution and delivery both internally within the Ironshore Group of Companies and externally with our distribution partners and clients.”

Iron-Starr is a joint venture between Ironshore and C.V. Starr established in Bermuda as a specialty insurer.