11 August 2020News

RMS updates wind forecasting platform, warns of busy cyclone season

RMS has warned that 2020 is likely to be an above-average season for tropical cyclone development and intensification.

The warning came as RMS announced updates to the RMS’ HWind forecasting products, part of the RMS HWind Real-Time Analysis solution. The platform provides users with forecast tracks, track and gust probability metrics, and individual wind hazard and corresponding loss scenario footprints for the following five days.

RMS HWind forecasting products have expanded to include coastal storm surge data and forecasts, track intensity forecast maps, provide industry loss insights, and offer an increased frequency and variety of deliverables.

Pete Dailey, vice president, model development at RMS, said: “If and when tropical cyclone activity escalates and storms threaten exposures at risk, it will become a hectic and fraught time for the market. Now is the time for companies to ready themselves and their hurricane event response processes as the climatological peak of the hurricane season approaches."