6 October 2016News

Intrepidus boosts its broker service through hire

Intrepidus Insurance Services (Intrepidus), an insurance broker based in Bermuda, has announced the appointment of Bermudian Edward Gouveia-DeSousa as its broker.

Intrepidus is an independent insurance broker firm created to assist individuals and businesses in understanding, evaluating and navigating their insurance needs.

Gouveia-DeSousa will work one-on-one with clients to assess their insurance needs and advise them on the most suitable insurance plan, ensuring that they understand the terms and cover provided. In addition, he will provide assistance with claims adjusting and risk management advice.

According to Intrepidus this can help clients devise new ways to mitigate risks and better protect their assets, for example, by adding security measures such as fencing, surveillance cameras or lighting to commercial properties to reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

Prior to Intrepidus, Gouveia-DeSousa served as an internal auditor at Capital G, where he performed internal audits across various lines of business.

He has also worked as an associate broker for Aon in Bermuda where he was responsible for research and broker support.