28 August 2020News

Everest expands its suite of products for clients dealing with challenges of COVID-19

Everest Insurance has expanded its suite of COVID-19 resources and technology tools for clients and their customers through Global Institutional Solutions (GIS) and the workplace safety platform ZERO.

GIS is an online service that creates a COVID-19 Preparedness Kit portal for its clients, including a suite of advocacy and technology services that provide one-on-one support and assistance for Everest clients and their employees.

The service was first offered to Everest policyholders in early May and gained 14,000 users in its first month, leading Everest to expand its collaboration with GIS. It now includes restart services designed to help Everest customers re-open their operations, while also supporting access for members of their respective organisations.

Everest’s workplace safety management platform ZERO is updating and digitising the reentry process for businesses across the country. It offers real-time hazard reporting, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) incident filing and organised team communication channels. Additional features include easily deployable reentry pre-screen and daily health check forms and return-to-business checklists.

Everest cited a McKinsey & Company’s COVID-19 Briefing that said 33 percent of global executives believe the pandemic recovery will be bumpy and slow, and that resiliency and new ways of working will be key to a business’ success.

Scott Spencer, head of risk consulting at Everest Insurance, said:  “With so much information and uncertainty surrounding pandemic preparedness and response, Everest remains committed to providing commercial clients with comprehensive technology resources to help overcome the challenges brought on by COVID-19.”