Diversity top of agenda for Bermuda Captive conference


Board diversity, female leadership, cyber risk, blockchain and climate change are amongst the leading topics for discussion at the 14th Bermuda Captive Conference this year.

The conference will take place over June 11–13 at Fairmont Southampton, and the agenda includes a mix of moderated panels and roundtables focusing on fast-changing insurance issues, including insurtech, US tax reform, pensions and employee benefits, healthcare and cyber risk, and investment strategies.

Diversity—of risk, talent and products—is the theme of this year’s conference that will feature human rights visionary Derreck Kayongo and insurance industry leader Jonathan Reiss as spotlight speakers. Key industry sessions will explore the issue of board diversity and the perspective of millennials, while an opening-day session spotlighting female corporate leaders, titled “Women in the Captive Industry—Empowering Industry Awareness,” is also expected to be well-attended.

“It’s important to recognise the impact of diversity within the industry, particularly that of women, Bermudians, and young insurance professionals, as the captive insurance sector evolves,” said Grainne Richmond, President of the Bermuda Insurance Management Association (BIMA). “We’ll highlight some very successful women— senior executives who are excellent role models for young men and women. We feel their insights will inspire the whole audience, especially younger attendees who are just heading into captive careers.”

“A major highlight of this year’s event is the number of captive owners we have speaking,” said agenda committee chair David Gibbons,. “Over the last three to four years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of captive owners and risk managers attending the conference and we thought it was very important they hear from their peer group. The Bermuda Captive Owners Association (BCOA) has been extremely supportive and many of its members are now taking part.”

Major client corporations self-insuring via Bermuda captives include General Motors, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and True Value Hardware Stores. Risk managers and other representatives from these and other companies will participate in the 2018 event, including a roundtable devoted to captive owners on day two of the conference.

“The roundtable is the first of its kind for our conference, and it will be interesting to hear captive owners in various life cycles of their captive talk about what they’re thinking about, what’s important to them, what they’re looking for in terms of a domicile, a market, level of service, regulation and risk management—and why Bermuda provides that,” said Gibbons.

Other topics on the agenda include cyber and data protection, the emerging blockchain juggernaut, employee pensions and benefits, the increased frequency and severity of weather-related losses, plus a look at emerging markets such as Latin America, Asia and Canada.

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